Response to Welsh Government’s announcement of new rules for needs assessment

May 2015

A single assessment process for everyone, children and adults, is a major shift, and one to be welcomed. All sectors and partners need to work together to ensure that the tools that currently support assessment in both children’s and adult services are tailored to meet the aspirations of the Act.

It is important that the intervention at the assessment stage is ‘a respectful conversation with the individual about how they want to exercise control over decisions about their care and support’. The guidance gives a really clear message about the approach required from all professionals, identifying ‘what matters to people’.

The aim to reduce bureaucracy is welcome, but it will need energy and capacity to tackle the complexity associated with a much easier and simpler process. This Act is about changing a culture. A culture, which has often created dependency, pledged much and at times fallen short of promises. We are have contributed to the development of this legislation and are committed to making it a success. Legislation, in itself does not change cultures, but it will help. We know we can’t do it alone! Herculean effort, on the part of the whole sector, health, housing, education, social services, and the third and independent sector will be required and only time will tell whether or not we are successful.

Sue Evans
ADSS Cymru President