ADSS Cymru press statement on the NAS Annual Report

July 2015

ADSS Cymru welcomes the first annual report of the ground-breaking National Adoption Service for Wales. It is very encouraging to see these early signs that we are achieving better outcomes for children and for potential adopters through the partnership approach to adoption which the National Service represents.

All children have the right to live in a safe, stable and secure environment. For some children, adoption is the best and only way to achieve this, providing them with a family life that will support them to grow and reach their potential. Having more adopters available and placing children more quickly are vital in making this a reality.  This report shows that more children in Wales are being placed for adoption and in a more timely way and also that more adopters have been recruited.

Phil Evans, Lead Director for Adoption, says: “While celebrating this progress, we recognise that there is more to do to meet the priorities identified, develop the service and achieve consistently good services.”

“Social Services in local authorities across Wales have met the challenge of refocusing their adoption services into regional collaborations. These regional arrangements are now in place and the benefits are clear. Our staff have responded exceptionally well to these changes. The next stage is for them to share best practice and to ensure that this is the standard delivered consistently in all areas. For the first time, data on which to measure the performance of adoption services is available and it is showing us national patterns and variations between Welsh adoption agencies.  We are looking at this evidence with interest and using it to understand our services better.  It will be invaluable as we seek to make ongoing improvements to the adoption services delivered by the regional adoption collaborations.”

“As part of the National Adoption Service, we will continue to prioritise this work with all our partners, including voluntary sector adoption services and the Welsh Government.”

ADSS Cymru – The Association of Directors of Social Services Cymru is the professional and strategic leadership organisation for social services in Wales