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About Us

The Association of Directors of Social Services Cymru (ADSS Cymru) is the professional and strategic leadership organisation for social services in Wales.

The Association is composed of statutory Directors of Social Services, and the Heads of Service who support them in delivering social services responsibilities and accountabilities; a group of eighty or so social services leaders across the twenty-two local authorities in Wales.

The vision of ADSS Cymru is:
    To be the professional and strategic leadership organisation for social services in Wales.   
Our Strategic Objectives:

1) Champion and drive the implementation of 'Fulfilled Lives, Supportive Communities'.

2) Shape and influence public policy development across Wales.

3) Work with all partners to lead on the transformation of social services in Wales to ensure we provide modern, accessible and responsive services, which are delivered flexibly, consistently and sustainably across organisational boundaries.

4) Ensure social services has a strong voice within the corporate centre of local government.

5) Work with all partners to ensure excellent public service across Wales.

6) Develop and strengthen relationships between commissioners and providers of social services in Wales.

7) Provide strong leadership for the social services work force.

8) Promote and enhance public understanding of social services and the positive role it plays by engaging with the media, opinion formers and the wider public.

ESN Members Logo
ADSS Cymru is a Board member of the European Social Network. ESN brings together directors of social work and social care services working at the local level. Directors have the senior management role in local authorities for social services: they lead the strategic planning, design and delivery of social services and are accountable to elected local councillors. ESN's mission is to support our members to change the lives of the most vulnerable in our societies through the delivery of quality social services.