About Us

We are committed to working with Welsh Government,  the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA), Social Care Wales, colleagues in the NHS, and partners in third and independent sectors towards delivering positive outcomes for the communities and people of Wales by informing and influencing legislation, policies and practices in the social care sector.

We are a membership organisation first and foremost. If strategy is the art of creating power or influence and using it to best effect, ADSS Cymru has become even more strategic because of its members’ increased ability to engage, organise, persuade and negotiate.

Our members include statutory directors and senior social services managers from all 22 local authorities in Wales. Our associate members are past directors or heads of service.

It brings together a strong and representative group of senior managers, including statutory directors of social services and heads of services with responsibility for adult services, children and young people and business management. Our membership also includes past leaders as associate members.

Despite the increased commitments involved, our members have become increasingly accustomed to working locally, regionally and nationally.

As the professional and strategic leadership organisation for social services in Wales, we are committed to:

  • providing professional leadership
  • enabling effective performance management and service improvement
  • providing sound child and adult safeguarding arrangements and reporting
  • supporting competent workforce planning and professional development
  • working with partners to transform social and health care in Wales
  • delivering effective governance, strategic direction and sound operational management
  • shaping and influencing public policy across Wales
  • ensuring social services have a strong voice at the corporate centre of local government
  • promoting public awareness of social services and the positive role it plays
  • helping to deliver excellent public services as a whole.

In this section, you will find more about our business unit team, who provides direct support to our members and is the first point of contact for any ADSS Cymru related queries. Here, you will also find information about how the association was formed, its history, its aims and its partners.